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Don't use Nextdoor as a soapbox

Last Updated: May 04, 2018 06:28AM PDT
Nextdoor is a communication platform that allows neighbors to mobilize and get stuff done like never before. However, pet projects that are pushed too hard, political campaigning, and personal views on controversial, non-local issues will inevitably rub one’s neighbors the wrong way. We rely on our members to report those who are over-posting, campaigning, repeatedly posting, or ranting about controversial, non-local issues.


Nextdoor is meant to be a place for neighborly discussion. You are encouraged to post about topics that matter to you and rally your neighbors to take action, but please do so without ranting. 

How can you tell something is a rant? It is a message that makes members feel shouted at and usually includes a combination of the following: ALL CAPS, excessive punctuation, provocative language, judgmental accusations, or repetitive explanations.

See posting examples for this guideline.



Over-posting means repeatedly posting about the same topic or about items for sale, in a way that annoys your neighbors. Replying to your own post as a means of bumping it to the top of the newsfeed may be considered over-posting.

Adding too many events to the Event Calendar may also be considered over-posting. If you post to the Event Calendar frequently, be very selective about which events you announce to your neighbors in the newsfeed.

Over-posting may result in suspension of one's posting privileges. If someone is over-posting, you may report their content, and you may also mute them if you wish. 

See posting examples for this guideline.

Dominating or hijacking conversations

A great neighborhood is like a great team. Research has shown that teams work best when conversations are not dominated by one or just a few voices. We believe that this applies to neighborhoods as well. Regularly dominating conversations, shouting down others, or hijacking conversations to return to your issue is not acceptable behavior on Nextdoor. 


Controversial issues

As with all conversations on Nextdoor, we encourage members to discuss issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil, and builds community. However, do not use Nextdoor to air your personal views on non-local issues that are known to be highly controversial (e.g. presidential politics).

Our intent is that Nextdoor be a place where neighbors can discuss the local issues that are important to them, but that these conversations remain civil and respectful. We recognize that local issues, such as ballot initiatives and development, are important for neighborhoods and communities to discuss but can also be divisive. Nextdoor’s policies on disagreements and conflict, discrimination and hate speech and over-posting always apply.

If there is neighborhood consensus that a particular local topic is controversial and unwanted in the main newsfeed, one option is to have those discussions in a group. For example, if debates about HOA issues or local politics are causing conflict, then the neighborhood Leads may require that the topic move to a group. If your neighborhood doesn't have clear consensus about whether a controversial topic belongs in the main newsfeed, then posting a poll is a great way to gather feedback from the whole neighborhood.

Politics and campaigning
Discussions of political issues that affect your neighborhood are an important part of building community, yet these conversations can often turn heated as they can bring out deeply held opposing views. We rely on every member to use their good judgment and restraint to keep such conversations productive.

In addition, neighborhoods may decide to conduct these conversations in a group -- please see our guideline on controversial issues.



  • Discussing local ballot measures or elections in a civil and respectful manner.
  • Introducing yourself once if you are running for local public office.
  • Posting local politics-related events in the Events calendar, like voter registration drives or information sessions about local political topics.

Not allowed:

  • Discussion of non-local politics or policy issues in the main feed. If you wish to discuss non-local politics or policy issues, you must create a group. Within a group, you may discuss national or state politics and other non-local campaign topics.
  • Uncivil or inflammatory debate.
  • Telling your neighbors how to vote on a specific issue. This is campaigning and is not allowed.
  • Over-posting about your preferred candidate, candidacy, or issue. Do not use Nextdoor as a campaign mailing list.
  • Leads may not remove posts merely because they are about local political topics.

Our guidelines on disagreements and conflict, over-posting, and controversial issues also apply to politics and campaigning.

See posting examples for this guideline.


Last Updated: May 04, 2018 06:28AM PDT
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