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Promote local business and commerce the right way

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 11:33AM PDT
On Nextdoor, we support local businesses and encourage neighbors to share helpful information about their favorite businesses and services. We also encourage neighbors to buy, sell, and give things away. Nextdoor is actively working on solutions for local businesses to participate in their Nextdoor neighborhood.

If you have a business, you can claim your page here.


Promoting your business or offering your services

Nextdoor members frequently want to know about businesses and services offered by their neighbors, but do not want to be overwhelmed by unsolicited marketing offers. Therefore, the following rules apply for members wanting to participate as a business on Nextdoor:

  • We encourage you to list your business or services on Nextdoor. Business and service listings are a great way to get the word out to your neighbors.
    • To list your business, you should create or claim your business page* on Nextdoor. This allows neighbors to easily find your business when they’re looking for help or recommendations.
    • A business listing can be set up either by businesses or by individual neighbors offering services like babysitting, snow-blowing, or dog-walking.
  • You may add your business affiliation to the Biography section of your profile.​
  • You may respond to requests for recommendations by offering your services like baby sitting, dog-walking, etc., as long as you are up front that it is you providing the service or that you are affiliated with the business you are recommending. See our policy on conflicts of interest.
  • You may let your neighbors know about job opportunities if the position is of particular relevance to folks in your community.
Not allowed:
  • You may not make unsolicited posts about your business or service in the main newsfeed or via private message.
  • You may not announce commercial events to the main newsfeed.
    • To add commercial events such as real estate open houses or class schedules to the Events Calendar only, you must un-select "Announce to neighbors" AND select "Visibility: Allow anyone on Nextdoor to view or share this event." Learn more.
This entire guideline also applies to individuals who occasionally sell homemade or hobby goods, or who provide casual services for extra income.

See posting examples for this guideline.


For Sale and Free 

The For Sale and Free section is for individuals to buy or sell items, and post rentals. Within this section, there are still rules about what is and is not allowed on Nextdoor:


  • Selling and giving away personal items.
  • Individual owners listing their own property for rent or sale.
  • Pet adoption or re-homing (selling of pets is not allowed).
Not allowed:
  • Posting items for free or for sale outside of For Sale and Free. As it is not currently possible to move a post into the For Sale and Free category, if you post such items outside of this category, you may be reported and your posts may be removed.
  • Listing items that you are selling for a business or as part of an incentive sales program, for example, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Amway, Avon, Scentsy, etc.
  • Realtors listing properties.
  • Offering services. If you wish to offer services, please see our Community Guidelines on how to do so.

Note: Our policies on illegal or regulated goods and over-posting also apply to For Sale and Free. See our best practices for selling items.


Fundraising posts should be limited to causes that are explicitly relevant to your neighborhood. Do not use Nextdoor to promote fundraisers for non-local causes or for people outside of the neighborhood. Of course, our Guidelines on over-posting apply. 


  • School fundraisers
  • Scouts organizations
  • Local pet rescue
  • Local arts organizations
  • Local fundraising events (posted in the Events Calendar only)
  • Local food banks, charity walk/run, etc.
  • Local disaster relief or emergency assistance for neighbors
  • Kids' bake sales, lemonade stands, and similar youth efforts

Not Allowed:

  • Raising money for non-local causes
  • Requesting money for one's own personal expenses or business needs
  • Requesting donations for political candidates 

See posting examples for this guideline.


Conflicts of interest

Recommending local businesses and services you love is a wonderful thing to do on Nextdoor. Your neighbors will thank you and you will be helping to build a more enjoyable community for all. However, the integrity of your recommendations is key – and it is important to be transparent and disclose any conflicts of interest. Your honesty protects your good name in your community and ensures that the quality of the recommendations on Nextdoor are authentic, top-notch, and truly local.


  • If you write a recommendation for a friend’s or relative's business, or businesses in your networking group, please disclose your relationship to that business or person. 
  • You must disclose any financial interest, such as being an owner or investor of the business you are recommending. See also our policy on promoting your business or service.
  • Do not recommend a business, service, or product if you have received any form of payment in return for writing a recommendation.
  • Do not write negative comments where you have a conflict of interest. For example, posting negative or false statements about competitors in your industry.

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 11:33AM PDT
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