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Keep it clean and legal

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 11:33AM PDT
Keep all content and activity family-friendly, legal, and adhere to our rules about regulated goods and services.


Illegal and regulated goods and services

We prohibit the selling, soliciting, or offering of any illegal goods or services. ​If you believe that posts in your neighborhood violate this guideline, please contact the relevant local authorities.

We also prohibit all purchase, sale, trade, or distribution of prescription drugs, marijuana, firearms (guns) or ammunition, alcohol, tobacco, or adult products. 

We prohibit pornography and regulated activities, such as prostitution and gambling.

Violations of privacy

Do not post private information without permission.


  • The content of private messages sent through Nextdoor
  • Non-public legal documents
  • Personal contact or account information, such as email addresses, credit cards, or bank information
  • A person’s legal or medical history, unless there is a compelling public interest served by doing so

Notable allowed exceptions:

  • Contact information when recommending someone’s services. However, if you post someone’s personal email addresses, phone number, or physical address and they request that it be removed, we may remove it.
  • Posting photos of people in public places is allowed. However, if a parent or guardian requests that a photo of a minor be removed from Nextdoor, we may remove it.

Our guidelines on public shaming also apply to the posting of information about neighbors. If another Nextdoor member is sending you abusive private messages via Nextdoor, please contact Nextdoor Support so that we can take appropriate action.

Nextdoor’s Privacy Policy describes our corporate privacy and security practices.

See posting examples for this guideline.


Threats to the safety of others

Threatening someone’s physical safety is prohibited on Nextdoor. If you believe that your physical safety or the safety of another person is at risk, please call 911 or contact the relevant local authorities.

If Nextdoor is contacted regarding imminent danger to a person's safety, we may also report that concern to the relevant authorities. However, contacting Nextdoor is not a substitute for reporting your safety issue to the relevant authorities.



Do not use profanity. Cursing is not necessary and may offend some of your neighbors.


Fraud and spam

Fraudulent content, phishing, or content we deem to be spam is not permitted.


Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 11:33AM PDT
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