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Nextdoor and national politics

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 11:35AM PDT

We know that many Americans have had strong reactions to the recent presidential election. You can even read Nextdoor’s response on our blog.

In light of the recent election, we want to remind everyone of the Community Guidelines, specifically regarding controversial issues and politics and campaigning.

Two key points to call out:

  1. Nextdoor is meant for local issues, not national ones. Discussion of national politics (whether it is the presidential election or issues like trade, gun control, or immigration) or messages about online petitions do not belong in the main newsfeed on Nextdoor. If you want to discuss the presidential election online, you either need to do so in a Group or on a different site altogether. Just keep in mind that the Guidelines regarding civility and neighborly behavior apply to Groups as well. Insulting someone because of how they voted is never allowed on Nextdoor.

  2. Posting about local events on Nextdoor is appropriate, even if these events are related to the election or other national issues, as long as it is done without campaigning. To clarify, it’s fine for a member to let their neighbors know about local events like rallies, fundraisers, or protests and to share basic information about the time and place of the event and its goals. That said, it’s not appropriate for a member to use the event as a way to make arguments either for or against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or particular policies. In addition, posting new discussions about the same event more than once violates Nextdoor’s Guidelines on over-posting.

If you see messages in your neighborhood that violate these Guidelines, please report the problem content so that your Leads can review it. If you are not satisfied with how your neighborhood is being managed, please contact us.

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 11:35AM PDT
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