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Best practises for growing your neighbourhood

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2017 08:51AM PST

We've found that Nextdoor neighbourhoods are most useful when more neighbours join. Here are some tips that should help in growing membership in your neighbourhood:

  • Identify and reach out directly to your most connected neighbours, including:
    • Neighbourhood association/Residents association leaders
    • Neighbourhood email list (e.g. Yahoo!/Google/Facebook Groups) moderators
    • Neighbourhood Watch leaders
    • PTA parents
    • Real estate agents
    • Longtime residents

Consider sharing our Demo site with them, so they can see the features that Nextdoor has to offer, and gain a better understanding of how Nextdoor neighbourhoods work. Additionally, you may wish to refer Neighbourhood Watch leaders and others interested specifically in crime prevention to the Help article here.

  • Pound the pavement:
    • Knock on doors and distribute flyers
    • Get on the agenda of a neighbourhood association/Residents association meeting
    • Ask for an article in your neighbourhood newsletter or blog
    • Distribute flyers to local shops, libraries, community centres, etc.
    • Distribute flyers at street fairs or other community events
    • Contact institutions with local programmes (e.g. churches, legion clubs)
  • Utilise social media:
  • Don't try to do it alone:
    • Ask a friend or community leader for help
    • Recruit "street captains" to be responsible for recruiting their street
    • Ask neighbours (personally) to ask their "next door" neighbours
    • Organise a top inviter competition
    • Host a sign-up party, barbecue, or street party with the help of current members
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2017 08:51AM PST
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